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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jon's and Nick's Addresses

Here is a reminder of the mailing addresses for the boys...

PV2 Jonathan Schriefer
B Co. 111th EN BN WPMUB0 (<-- zero)
APO, AE 09342-1400

PV2 Nicholas Schriefer
FCO 1st BN, 19th INF
618 Access Drive
Mailbox 28
Fort Richardson AK 99505

I have found that USPS Priority Mail is the best method to ship packages to both of them. A Priority Mail envelope takes about 1.5 weeks to reach Jonathan and a Priority Mail package takes about 2 weeks. For Nicholas, Priority Mail takes 3 days - plus its cheaper and faster than UPS or FedEx ground services (taking 5-6 days).

You can get free Priority Mail boxes in various sizes for free from the Post Office and online at usps.com. There are several sizes, two of which are flat rate ($7.70) and are the cheapest way to ship if over 2 lbs. Shipments to Jonathan must also have a Customs Declaration form (PS Form 2976) since it is an International package. All of these supplies can be ordered from the USPS website for free so that you always have them available and don't have to search at your local Post Office (takes 2 weeks to deliver them).

Mail going to Jonathan must be taken to the Post Office in person, but can be sealed prior. You cannot use online postage for International packages. Mail to Nicholas can be sent just like any other US package and you can print the postage online at USPS.com.

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