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Monday, October 31, 2005

56th BCT Welcome Home Ceremony

It is very possible that Jonathan will be coming home around this time and will be at this ceremony. Of course we plan to be there and hope everyone can make it as well to welcome home all the Texas troops coming back from Iraq. -Tavis

Who - All units under the 56th BCT returning from Iraq
What - Welcome Home Ceremony
When - 10 Dec 2005, 2 pm

Where - Baylor's "Floyd Casey" stadium - Waco, TX
Driving Directions to Floyd Casey stadium -

Letter Courtesy of Darrell Mitchell - Oct 26, 2005

Soldiers and Families of HHC 111TH EN BN,

As schedules have synchorinized, it is very likely that we will be back in time to attend the 56th BCT Re-Deployment Ceremony in Waco at Baylor Stadium. More information was posted in an earlier news post regarding the ceremony.

Please remain flexible as the schedule is tight and there are no guarantees. If you plan on meeting your Solider it may be a good idea to start looking at the lodging availability as soon as possible.

I know everyone's question will be when are we going to hit ground.....It is likely to be some few days prior to the ceremony but undetermined at this point. The schedules remain to be finalized and we will not be able to give out any exacts in order to maintain security. Once we are in route Soldiers will be able to give you better ideas of when they may be landing. Please also keep in mind that the Soldiers will not be released from Active Duty as this time. We will remain at Fort Hood some duration of time before and after the ceremony in order to process from active duty.

The best news of all is that your loved ones will be home for Christmas as it appears now and I feel we are all blessed to have been able to spend the previous Christmas and the upcoming one with our families during this time of year.

As always your soldiers are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB and help them to remain focused on finishing up the next several weeks. I know there a lot of decisions that everyone has to start thinking about for the re-integration back into our lives; but if at all possible minimize the destracting items from the Soldiers current lives so they can come home safe to you.

God Speed to you all, and THANK YOU for your support to our Soldiers.

CPT Mitchell

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