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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update from Nick

I spoke with Nick yesterday. He had just returned from a Jurf and said things had really changed since he was there last. This was his first time there in over 30 days. He said that one of his buddies refers to it as Camelot (but without the mote). The FOB is much bigger now and has increased sleeping areas so it can handle a lot more troops (Iraqi and American). They have built a guard tower that is the tallest thing around and overlooks everything in the area. Some of the buildings have electricity now (from generators) and he thinks his building will have power next time he goes there - but none have A/C. With the new schedule, he has been able to find more time to sleep - but now its getting hot and the insects are coming out. He said the mosquitoes are getting really bad and they are very big. Also the ants - which Nick says are about the size of a quarter.

Nick said they bought some chickens from a local farmer and brought them back to the FOB where the IA prepped and cooked them - it tasted very good. He said that he was carring a chicken by its feet in one hand and his weapon in the other hand. The chicken kept pecking at his hand to try and get loose. Next time, he said they are thinking of buying a lamb.

One item he can use is sunflower seeds (in the hull). They go fast there because they all sit around and eat them. I've noticed that Planters sells a 7 oz bag that is recloseable.

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