Updated 18-Sep: Welcome to the Schriefer Blog, my name is Tavis Schriefer. Recently, my wife Jill and I raised money to supply driFIRE shirts to every soldier in Apache Company of the 1-501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. We were successful in raising over $6500 and we would like to thank everyone for all their support to make this happen.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

driFIRE Shirts - UPDATE

Here is a quick update on the contributions for the driFIRE shirts.

I have just placed an order for 56 shirts to be shipped ASAP. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

Also a special thanks to Jay and Valerie Chamberlain who placed an order yesterday for 60 shirts for the 3rd Platoon.

This brings our total so far to 116 shirts. With the latest count of soldiers in the 3rd Platoon, we still need about 20 more shirts ($360) to make our goal of 4 shirts per soldier. All contributions, no matter how small, are most appreciated. Please click on the link below for additional details.

Here is a perfect example of the current temperature in Iraq. My son, Nick, loves Top Ramen. He told be recently that they no longer have to heat water to make the soup. He simply cuts the top off a water bottle and pours the ramen noodles in. The water is hot enough to cook them on its own.

Tavis Schriefer

Proud father of SPC Nicholas Schriefer, 1-501st PIR, FOB Iskan, Iraq
Proud father of SPC Jonathan Schriefer, 576 Eng Co, Fort Carson, Co.

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