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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Spoke with Jon this morning

Jonathan just called and we talked for about 30 minutes. He is in Kuwait and arrived sometime within the last 24 hours. They are 9 hours ahead and he says the weather there is about 70F during the day, but gets cold at night. He said there is sand everywhere (big surprise) so they have to keep their stuff put away when not using to try and keep clean. He called using the WalMart calling card he got for Xmas (500 minute card gives him 50 minutes from Kuwait).

They flew there on an American Airlines 777 out of Fort Hood, landed in Germany for refueling (and smoke break on the flight line), then on to Kuwait. The AA crew was all volunteer. The crew persuaded the Sgts to dress up like women (wigs and all) and serve the troops dinner on the flight. Jon said he got some pictures and will send.

He has no idea how long he will be in Kuwait. They will not get a mailing address until they go to Iraq, so only way to contact him is via email (
jon_schriefer@hotmail.com) or Yahoo Instant messenger (got_bawls). Everyone might send him a quick email with your contact info, just to make sure he has it.

He said that it appears they have free internet access at the CyberCafe if they use their own computers (he has a laptop) or they can pay to use the computers provided, which have web cams. He said that it seemed that the internet speed was not real fast, so we may want to hold off on sending pictures via email.

He has a digital camera as well and is taking some pictures. I suggested to him that he start a Snapfish account (
www.snapfish.com) and upload them there instead of emailing to all of us (would be faster for him). This will allow all of us to see the pictures, print, email and order prints if we want. We can do the same for any pictures we would like to provide to him, allowing him to save download times by not having large email attatchments.

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