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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Staci Spoke to Nick

Staci spoke to Nick briefly yesterday. He was back from a 3-day mission and was leaving on another one today. He only had a couple minutes to talk and wasn't sure if he would have another chance until after the first of the year, because he has another longer mission coming up. She said he sounded pretty tired and not in a good mood. He mentioned that they had a lot of paperwork to finish up, before leaving again. He also said that he received NINE boxes in the mail and one other guy received two letters - that was all the mail for their group. Apparently, guys had to help Nick get the boxes to his room. I think Nick will be pretty popular for a while now. Many of these boxes are from Staci and friends. She has several networks of friends from the various clubs/organizations she is involved with, and they are all pulling stuff together to send to Nick's unit. Staci has a pretty impressive operation going there - maybe the USO should give her a call ;)

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