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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CNN - Sunni insurgents side with U.S. against al Qaeda

YUSUFIYAH, Iraq (CNN) -- Until recently, Yusufiyah was among the most dangerous places in Iraq.

Located in the so-called "triangle of death," a violent area south of Baghdad, it was the site of frequent clashes between coalition forces and Sunni fighters. In May, two U.S. soldiers went missing in Yusufiyah and were never found, despite a massive search.

But today, Sunni tribal leaders in this town cooperate with U.S. forces in their battle against foreign fighters and al Qaeda in Iraq.

"It's all the roll of the dice. It's people and politics all intertwined down here," said Col. Michael Kershaw, commander of the Second Brigade, 10th Mountain Division...

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Anonymous said...

Im astonished to say after all the media coverage ive seen. From the constant bloody images, new death tolls and the indolent political inaction of dum ass imitation politicians we have today. None of it has blown me away more than seeing a picture of Nick in iraq. The sunglasses, the helmet, the gun and the uniform. The cliched look of a soldier as become anything but. To think Nick is over there...thats some crazy shit if you ask me. Words just cannot explain. Damn. You'll be in my prayers. Stay safe man.

-Ray Kwon.