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Monday, June 04, 2007

Short List from Nick

The last time I spoke with Nick, He gave me a list of items that he and his buddies could really use - in case someone is interested in sending any stuff.

  • Sunflower seeds (regular salted version, not hulled)
  • Fans (This kind works great, because it is rechargeable and battery / AC powered. At Wal-Mart stores, theres a smaller version that works even better.)
  • Super Soakers and water balloons.

He said that they enjoyed an escape from the norm by getting into a water gun / balloon fight with other soldiers on the FOB. In 110+ temperatures, this can really help out. He said that the Super Soakers that take ice are great and they do have access to ice.

1 comment:

Defender said...

Got a box of stuff on the way courtesy of my friends at http://www.nationalsecurityforums.com

Should arrive sometime in the next week or two I would guess.

If you speak with Nick, tell him he's in our thoughts!

Dave ("Defender" on NSF)