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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spoke with Nick

Spoke with Nick for a while yesterday morning. He is doing alright. Says its been very active around there. He has a new weapon to add to his inventory now - a Javeline. I recall he trained with this before he deployed - so now has a chance to use it. In case you haven't seen it before, see the video below.

Nick will be doing some training in the near future, then back again to the normal schedule.

Here are some items Nick could use:

- "D" batteries for his fan
- Sunflower seeds (He likes the Planters bags that zip closed). He goes through pretty fast.
- Kool-Aid or Chrystal Light packets (the single serving type that you can add to a bottl of water). He said that with no refrig, the water is pretty hot and this makes it easier to drink.

I found a soft-sided electric cooler on the web (link) that might make things a little easier for the guys when they are at Jurf. Its portable so they can fold it down and pack it in the Humvee and wouldn't require ice (which they don't have out there). The downside is its $60 each and just one may not be enough.

All for now... Tavis

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