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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nick's Address

Here is Nick's address. However, I spoke with him last night and he said that they currently don't have a mail guy - so they don't know how long mail will take at the moment. he also stressed that they don't have very much personal space, so for the moment he asked that everyone only send small amounts of stuff.

A Company, 1-501
FOB Iskan
APO, AE 09312-0506

No alcohol (including mouthwash, Jack Daniels, Rock n Rye, etc).

Any fresh baked or homemade foods should be vacuum sealed and will take ten travel days to arrive.

All mail should be sent via US Postal. FedEx, UPS, etc. are not allowed. Postage for APO mail only needs to cover deliver to the APO point - somewhere on the US Eastern coast. From there, the USPS and military handle the delivery. Read more about shipping to APOs and specifics regarding Christmas shipping here.

Here are some quick notes:
  • Cards and letters can just be sent regular mail with no extra postage and no special forms.
  • Packages need to have PS Form 2976-A customs form attatched (see picture right)
  • Packages must be handed in at the post office in person.
  • It is recommended that packages be sent Priority Mail.
  • Paying extra for tracking numbers will only support tracking up to the East coast and not the remaining trip overseas.
  • Express Mail is not supported for Nick's location
  • For Christmas letters and packages, Priority Mail must be shipped by 4-Dec at the latest
Free Priority Mail boxes and forms can be picked up at your local post office, or you can order a large selection of them for free here. Here are some items you might want to order and have on hand:
  • Priority Mail Box Flat Rate Box-O-FRB2 (Any weight, $8.10 postage) Great for over 4 lbs
  • Priority Mail Box Flat Rate Box-O-FRB1 (Any weight, $8.10 postage) Great for over 4 lbs
  • Priority Mail Envelope (MILI-PAC)
  • Priority Mail Address Label
  • Priority Mail Sticker (12 X 2) Great for securing boxes
  • Priority Mail Sticker (440 Sticker Roll) Great for securing boxes
  • Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note (FORM 2976-A)
  • Customs Form Envelope 2976E
There are also a large range of shapes and sizes for other Priority Mail boxes - all free. The Flat Rate boxes are great for shipping heavy stuff (if it can fit), because it costs $8.10 - no matter what. This will save you money if your package is over 4 lbs.

The USPS also has a Military Care Kit, or “Mili-kit” to make it easier for military families and friends to send care packages to their loved ones stationed overseas. Each kit contains two Priority Mail boxes, six Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, eight Priority Mail labels, one roll of Priority Mail tape and eight customs forms with envelopes. This kit may be ordered by calling the USPS Expedited Package Supply Center at 1-800-610-8734 and requesting a Military Care Kit. There is no charge for the kit.

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