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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nick's back at the FOB

Spoke with Nick last night and he is fine. He is back from the mission he went out on last Friday. At the moment, he won't say what all happend, but did say that there was plenty of action. I did read this article this morning though, and this city is very nearby: http://www.blackanthem.com/News/military200610_1965.shtml

Nick's camera got broken as well. He said that it was pretty amazing that the camera survived all the action of the last week, but got broke while it was in his pocket and he slept on it. So, I'm going to be buying him a new camera, this time the ruggedized model so it can hold up to Iraq abuse - and more importantly, Nick abuse!

He said that its been raining a lot there and its getting cold at night. He now has a Surefire flashlight and he said it is REALLY bright and will light up an entire room. (for anyone interested, it is the
C2 Centurion)

He did tell me a story of how brave (I would say stupid) many of the Iraqi boys are - they don't seem to be afraid of the GIs at all. He said that one of the boys almost got killed because he snuck up on Nick's buddy who was manning the turret on the Humvee. The boy threw a firecracker next to the GI and when it went off, the GI swung around ready to shoot him with the 50 Cal. I think the kid was pretty lucky.

Nick said he got to take a hot shower when he got back - first bath since Friday - it felt really good.

He mentioned that many of the young Iraqi boys working in the markets speak good English.

All for now.

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