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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Staci spoke with Nick

Staci spoke with Nick today and he is OK. This was first contact in around nine days. He said he was really tired because he had been up all night helping to fix the Humvee before they had to go out on another mission. He said that they are staying very busy with missions, some of them are going to be lasting ten days at a time. He is hoping to call again in the next few days before he leaves again.

I don't have details, but I understand he was nearby when a mortar hit on their base - but he is fine. They found the two men that fired the mortar and they apparently worked at the power plant. I also heard that their Humvee was overturned on a mission recently and it took them a while to get it out of the mud - no other details on it. He mentioned that communications were shut down for a while because somthing happened, but now they are back up.

I hear that morale is not too great right now, so if everyone would send a small something for Christmas, that could help.

I hear that he will be moving to the Conex units (transformed cargo containers) in the near future, which will give him more space. (see picture here)

There is a change in the mailing address. If you send something to the old address, he will still get it, but they are asking that we begin using this new address:

PFC Nicholas Schriefer
A Company, 1-501
APO AE 09312-0576

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